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Coffee Terminology 101: What is Coffee Crema?

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What is Coffee Crema?

Coffee Crema - Commonly found on surface of espresso

Coffee Crema is a reddish brown layer of foam/froth that is commonly found on the surface of a shot of espresso coffee.

Coffee crema is formed through the combination of gas bubbles and the coffee's soluble oils/fats. The presence of crema in an espresso shot indicates a well ground and quality coffee prepared by a skilled barista.

What is the ideal Crema?

The end goal is to pull a shot of espresso with a crema that is neither not too thin, nor too thick. An ideal Crema that is having tightly compacted foam and a rich dark color.

  • Foam bubbles - Presence of huge bubbles, it's incorrectly extracted.
  • Foam colour - Too light, it's is an under-extracted shot, Too dark, it's over-extracted shot.
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