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How to Brew Coffee with an Aeropress - Brew Guide

Coffee Brew Guide 4 min read

Thanks to its simplistic design and functionality, the AeroPress is no longer a barista-kept secret. Home brewers around the world are flocking to the AeroPress to make a quick, easy, and strong cup of coffee.

If you’re interested in making the switch to AeroPress brewing, you’ll need the following equipment:

What you would need for brewing with Aeropress

Before we begin, we should note that your AeroPress likely came with a scoop. This scoop can hold approximately 17g or 2.5 tablespoons worth of coffee grinds. Keep this in mind if using this tool to brew your coffee.

There are two common ways to brew with an AeroPress: Standard and Inverted. We’ll cover both methods.

Aeropress: Standard Brew Method

Standard AeroPress Brewing Method

1) Measure Coffee

Weighing the coffee beans with a digital scale

Begin by measuring out about 17g of coffee and preparing 220g of water. This is the easiest coffee to water ratio to start with. Once you get your bearings with this method of brewing, you can experiment with different AeroPress recipes.

2) Grind Coffee

For the freshest cup of coffee, grinding your own beans at home is imperative. While pre-ground coffee can be tasty, it won’t be as fresh as just-ground coffee.

If using a coffee grinder, be sure to measure after grinding as well to ensure that the weight is still 17g.

3) Heat Water

Once you’ve got your coffee ready, you’ll want to start heating up the water in your kettle.

While a gooseneck kettle will provide the ultimate brewing precision, we understand beginners might not have this in their kitchen. A regular kettle will work as well!

For the best results, heat the water to around 201-202℉. Overall, anywhere from 185-205℉ will work: using this as a reference starting point, be sure to experiment with the different coffee beans origins to get the desired taste that you prefer!

If using a regular kettle, let the water sit for a minute after boiling for a drop in temperature.

4) Prepare the AeroPress and Mug

Aeropress Paper Filters

As your water is heating, you need to prepare your AeroPress for brewing. If using paper filters, follow these steps:

  1. Place a paper filter in the AeroPress basket.
  2. Rinse the filter with hot water.
  3. Let the water drain from the filter.
  4. Secure the basket to the bottom of the AeroPress.

Doing this step removes any bland, paper taste from your coffee. Next, rinse your mug with hot water. With the filter basket secured, place the AeroPress on top of your mug.

5) Pour in the Coffee Grounds

Adding in coffee grounds

Now it’s time to add the coffee. Your AeroPress should have also come with a funnel which can be used to easily pour the coffee grounds into the AeroPress.

6) Add Water

Bloom - Adding water to soak the coffee grounds

By now, your water should be heated to the appropriate temperature.

Begin by pouring in just enough water to soak the grounds.

This is known as the bloom.

Let the water filter through for 30 seconds. Some home brewers prefer to stir the grounds first and then wait 30 seconds to ensure an even bloom and water distribution.

Next, pour water up until the number four (4) on the side of the AeroPress.

If using a digital scale (which is recommended), pour up to 220g of water into the AeroPress.

7) Wait!

Stir the grounds and place the AeroPress plunger securely on top, but do not push.

Set your timer for 2 minutes and wait.

As the timer hits 1:15 or 1:30, remove the plunger and stir again.

Replace the plunger and slowly push until the timer reads 2 minutes.

Voila! 8 ounces of perfectly brewed coffee right at home.

Inverted AeroPress Brewing Method

Aeropress: Inverted Brewing Method

The Inverted AeroPress brewing method is slightly different. It follows these steps:

1) Assemble the AeroPress

With the Inverted method, your AeroPress is flipped over to begin with.

Place the plunger into the AeroPress until it is just above the number four (4).

Flip the AeroPress over so the “mug side” faces up. Place on your digital scale and tare to zero.

2) Weigh and Grind Coffee

Weighing the coffee beans with a digital scale

Again, weigh out and grind 17g of coffee using a burr, hand, or blade grinder.

3) Heat Water

Heat your water to 201-202℉ or by letting boiling water sit for about a minute.

4) Add Coffee to AeroPress and Bloom

Bloom - Adding water to soak the coffee grounds

Since your AeroPress is in an inverted position, you will add the coffee grinds (via the funnel, if you wish) into the “mug side” of the brewer.

Add enough water to bloom and wait 30 seconds. If you wish, you can stir the grinds for a consistent bloom.

5) Add Water and Prep the Filter

Add 220g of water (or up to the number one) and wait two (2) minutes.

While your coffee is steeping, place your choice of filter in the AeroPress cap and rinse it with water. Once the two minutes is up, stir the grinds and secure the cap.

6) Place Mug on Top, Flip, and Plunge

Here’s the fun part! After securing the cap, place your mug of choice on top.

Grab a hold of the mug and the AeroPress and flip so the plunger is on top.

Now, plunge slowly until you have a delicious cup of coffee.

Experiment with Other AeroPress Recipes

Want to improve your AeroPress game? Check out these AeroPress recipes from baristas, AeroPress champions, and enthusiasts from around the world.

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