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Little Known History of The World According To Coffee

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Ready for a wild ride to follow the coffee trail adventure?

Geared up as we unravel Stewart Lee Allen's witty coffee adventure from crossing dangerous borders to sipping coffee from around the world in his book The Devil's Cup.

He begins his journey in Harrar, Ethiopia, considered as the birthplace of coffee, where coffee is embedded in the local religious practices.

"It is very bad for foreigners to go there"
"But why do you want to go?"

Coffee served in a religious sacred ritual? Allen jumps at this interesting ceremony in Harrar and manages to bribes his way in to experience it.

"I just want a cup of coffee"

Following on the trail of coffee...

"Have you actually been there?"
"It's Hell." Abera looked down his nose. "I urge you not to go." 

Allen crossed the border to Yemen in a boat filled with AK47s and a crew of interesting characters in search of coffee's evil twin sister, Qat. And continuing the journey from Turkey, Austria, Brazil, France and to America, where he uncovers how Turkey introduced many countries to coffee and the origin of cappuccinos from Viennese monk.

The Devil's Cup is filled with interesting historical insights spice up with humor in Stewart Lee Allen's coffee trail adventure. Already read the Devil's Cup? Share with us on what your favorite section in the book.

Too busy to read the book? No problem, refer to our quick summary recap of the Stewart Lee Allen's witty coffee adventure below:

The history of the world according to Coffee
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